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реваз: Уважаемые любители французских бульдогов, начался сбор материалов для книги THE WORLD OF FRENCHIES 2009-2010 критерий установлен главным редактором гос.Bas Bosh фотография собаки без владельца и без хендлера только собака (размер 1 мб, 300 пикселей) собаки которые могут попасть в книгу они должны иметь следующие титулы полученные в 2009-2010 годах (гранд чемпион России + чемпион еще 2-ух стран или гранд чемпион России +Интернациональный чемпион) материалы надо прислать до 1 апреля 2011 года на мой e-mail:rezo62@mail.ru также питомники могут дать рекламу полная цветная страница 325 евро, пол страницы 200 евро полная черно-белая страница 250 евро пол страницы 150 евро

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реваз: Все что касается рекламы питомников, оплаты, и адрес куда отправлять макет рекламы Adverts Frenchie breeders and owners can advertise in the book. One page is A4, so about 21 x 29 centimeters. The prices (book not included) are for colour adverts 1/1 page 325 euro, ½ page 200 euro, and for black and white 1/1 250 euro, ½ 150 euro. Advertisers are welcome to share advert space, as long as there is one contact person who pays and checks the proof. Please send prospective advertisers the BBPress advertisers info sheet so they know how to send in their advert material. We prefer to have the adverts as soon as possible (June/July) so there will be enough time for lay out, but when you can sell an advert in August or even first half of September (then ask as this will be last minute), please do! Please cash the payment for the advert as soon as the advertiser has approved the proof, as we want to have received the payment for adverts from you before the book will go into print end September. How to send in copy and adverts Please use the upload page to send in your digital copy: http://www.bbpress.nl/bbp/correspondents/world_of_frenchies.shtml When you do not want to use the server, send hard copy photos and other printed material (to be safe: by registered mail) to BBPress Bas Bosch Kleine Kasteelstraat 4 B- 3640 KINROOI-KESSENICH Belgium You will always get a confirmation when we have received something. Please send a mail when you send a package. General order and payment info Please mail your orders (books and adverts) to BBPress, sales@bbpress.nl You will get a confirmation with a calculation of what to pay. Books sold outside EU will have the VAT of 6% deducted, but might be subject to import tax. For your payments please use International bank account number (IBAN) NL41 TRIO 0212 3169 74 SWIFT/BIC code of the bank: TRIO NL2U Triodos Bank NV, PO Box 55, 3700 AB Zeist, Netherlands The account is in name of BBPress, Broeksterweg 5, NL- 9968 TH Pieterburen, the Netherlands Or mail us for a PayPal invoice, when you have a PayPal account. Contact BBPress for orders and questions regarding payment, etcetera: Janneke Leunissen-Rooseboom sales@bbpress.nl phone *31 595 528 429

реваз: Уважаемые любители французских бульдогов, прием документов и фото для книги закончен

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